is another massively multiplayer online game by the creators of the famous is highly similar to those retro games where you had to play as a snake. The controls and movement of the player character is nearly the same as what these games had, but there are a number of major changes that have made this game really popular.

In, you’re made to play with a large number of other players; and oh – this time, you can’t run into yourself. However, this is not good news or a boring feature. While your snake won’t die if it manages to hit its own body, it will get destroyed if it manages to hit other players with its head. This also means that you can try to destroy other snakes by trapping them or suddenly appearing after their heads and causing their heads to hit your snake’s body.

Why Can Be Hard may be really simple; however, it’s really hard to survive, let alone win. And when a game’s hard, it can become more annoying than fun. A large number of players stay active on the servers at the same time, which is why the game becomes much harder than you would usually expect it to be. There are a lot of players who are constantly trying to get you to lose the game, and there’s so much you need to do to destroy them. However, there are certain strategies and hack and cheats that can help you make your Game-play much better, and survive it for longer.

Some Cheats

The following are some such cheats and strategies:

  • Avoid Other Players: Avoiding confrontation with other snakes can make your progress in the game somewhat slow, but will surely help you survive for a longer period. Get away from other players, and look for remains left by destroyed snakes that haven’t been consumed.
  • Kill Other Snakes: Go on a hunt. Try overrunning other snakes on the server in an attempt to get them to bump into yours. While large snakes do have an advantage of size, they can be killed just as easily, because their heads are just as huge.
  • Shield with Your Body: If you’re surrounded by too many snakes, it may be an appropriate time to work on protecting yourself. This can be done easily by looping into your own body. Don’t worry, unlike other games, you won’t destroy yourself by doing this.
  • Wait for It: This is one of the hack and cheats that many players utilize. Wait for snakes to destroy themselves, and rush for the remains when they appear. This will decrease the risks of you running into other snakes when trying to kill them.

Program Your Actions: Players frequently use game bots, and so can you; yes, even in You can program your snake to avoid other players or rush to new snake explosions in order to avoid damage and collect resources.